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Jason & Michelle SkarpnessSkarpness Photography Studios and our employees share the same core values of honesty, respect, and integrity as we continue to expand our business and are proud that we are able to continually provide impeccable business values and ethics.

Our reputation for innovation, quality, and service is not second to any other company.  We believe the customer should by taken care of and treated with the utmost care.  By doing so, not only can we grow together, but we can share the enthusiasm to meet the upcoming challenges in the positive manner our team is so well know for.

Our continuing mission is to give more portrait value to the customer while being able to giving back to the schools and communities through the various programs we offer.

Skarpness Photography Studios is a locally family owned company of 26 years currently serving 7 Midwestern States.  We are member of the Chamber of Commerce and several photographic groups.  We are active in our church on the Youth Board and also Church Council.  In addition, we are board members of Iowa Underwater Search and Rescue which serves Iowa and the surrounding states.  We are active in the PTO.  We are den leaders in Cub Scouts.  It is very important to us to give back to our community. 

Jason Skarpness, President of Skarpness Photography studios has been a pioneer in the volume digital workflow systems.  His instinctive talent and magnetic charisma keep him in great demand as a photographic consultant with labs, photographers, and software companies from all over the United States.

At Skarpness Photography Studios, we continually strive to support and strengthen what has become the foundation of our success - our commitment to the people who place their valued trust in us.


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